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» Waking up..
   By MickyLove

I don't understand way I feel so lose in love , I have my BF but at the same time...
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   By Tejana_Alma

today i woke up feeling sad but i dont know why, i woke up not knowing if i had talked...
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» why me
   By bjean6

it's been so hard for me this past year i've been in disagreements with my family about my friends i'm...
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» Cheap Nike air Max 90 87 97 TN 95 2012 LTD Shoes free shipping
   By buybuy33

Cheap Nike air Max 90 87 2012 97 TN 95 LTD Shoes free shipping online sale ( ( Wholesale Nike air...
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» Why do guy's alway's hurt me?
   By KieKie

I met this guy a couple of month's ago. His name is Chayston. He's 19 year's old. We became good...
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» Boyz these days... is it all of them? please answer my question
   By shelbz

Why do all the guys at me school only care about how big a girls ass or boobs are? I...
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» Ah fuck
   By hxhx

Last night was the Plug-In Concert #2. Daryl hosted it again and asked me to perform at like the end...
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» Teens Girls Meet Local Men For Dating
   By casualdating

I just couldn't bare the fact that my 16-year-old girl is in love with a man twice her age. Men...
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   By hxhx

memories and nostalgia
So I did not write a single journal entry on my notebook diary during...
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» Find Local Single Women For Date Online
   By monicamstevens

There are many men who lack the confidence and skills needed to find local single women at the bar. In...
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